[Decipher-announce] DECIPHER August 2006 newsletter

Paul Bevan ab6 at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Aug 17 18:56:07 BST 2006

Greetings from Cambridge where for several weeks in July we enjoyed a 
heatwave - basking in unusually high temperatures and hot sunshine. As is 
typical of the unpredictable British weather, now it is August and high 
summer, the weather has turned cold and grey!

1) New syndrome - 17q21.3 microdeletion syndrome. If you attended the
    DECIPHER Symposium in June, you will recall the presentations about
    this new syndrome. This work has now been published and you can link
    to the DECIPHER Syndrome report at:

2) Translocations - The translocation breakpoint mapper previewed at the
    recent DECIPHER Symposium will be migrated from the DECIPHER
    development site to the live site in the early Autumn.

3) Growth - DECIPHER now contains details on well over 500 patients and
    over 40 syndromes. Only consented data is visible via Ensembl, so
    please remember to seek patient consent, so that others can contact
    you if they have a patient with a similar genomic alteration.

4) UK users - Please check that your centre has registered its
    participation in DECIPHER with your local Trust R&D office. The
    DECIPHER MREC is for a 'no local investigator project' and so
    approval/review of the project by your local LREC is not required.

5) Imprinted genes - We are currently working on ways to highlight
    and display imprinted genes in DECIPHER.

If you are taking a holiday this summer, we hope you will have a happy and
restful break.

On behalf of the DECIPHER team

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