[Decipher-announce] DECIPHER November 2005 update

Paul Bevan ab6 at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Nov 7 12:26:39 GMT 2005

Greetings to all members of DECIPHER. We are pleased to report that 
DECIPHER continues to grow, with several new centres joining the 
consortium during the past month. There has also been a strong
upturn in data entry, with Leuven, Paris and Sao Paolo all submitting a 
lot of data.

1. New modifications. Users of the new bulk upload facility will have 
noted that when copy number data is uploaded from the scanner output 
files, several changes are often noted in a single individual - sometimes 
5 or more changes. This resulted in enormously long lists of genes and highly
complicated karyotypes which we thought were potentially confusing. To 
help to simplify this we have designed some modifications to DECIPHER 
which include:

  *  New category of `suspected polymorphism'. Intially array results
     entered into DECIPHER are categorized as `unknown', but the user then
     has the option to classify these as: `de novo', `familial' etc. We
     have added a new category termed `suspected polymorphism'

  *  New show/hide buttons to display/hide gene content and
     karyotype/chromosome ideogram in DECIPHER Report. The default position
     for all `unknown', `familial' and `suspected polymorphism' array
     findings is that the gene content and karyotype/ideogram are hidden.
     The default position for all de novo findings is that these are
     displayed. The show/hide buttons allow you to customize
     this for your own data and your own preferences.

2. decipher-dev at sanger.ac.uk  Please use this `decipher-dev' e-mail 
to tell DECIPHER about any ideas you may have for improving DECIPHER 
and for letting us know about quirks or bugs which need fixing

3. The 2nd International DECIPHER Symposium 2006. Following the success 
of the 1st Symposium held in the early summer, we have reserved the 
Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, Hinxton from June 18th-20th 2006.  

Several groups have e-mailed to tell us that they are finding DECIPHER 
helpful. We are grateful for your feedback as we are very keen to make the 
system work as well as possible for all users.

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